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Meet Our Team

Sara Weldon, President

Sara Weldon started her first business at the age of 20 and learned everything through first-hand experience, quite the mixture of tremendous success combined with failures. She quickly learned the importance of always offering excellent customer service and letting every employee know just how appreciated they are.

Throughout her career, she has developed and sold several companies and worked in the software industry with many leading hotels and resorts. She started TruFinCo to get back to her beginning and be able to help others that are on similar paths. She is driven by helping others and always willing to share her journey, including the successes and mistakes she’s made along the way, with hopes that it might inspire others.

When working with her, you will always feel like you have someone by your side, guiding and supporting you. Aside from running her company, you can find her enjoying her farm in Florida, surrounded by hundreds of animals, from highland cows and goats to more chickens than she can count. This is her key to achieving a healthy work/life balance.

Rick Bass

Rick Bass,
Vice President

Meet Rick Bass, your lending expert with a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years! Whether you’re navigating the world of mortgages or seeking business funding, Rick is your go-to guy for getting things done. He thrives on challenges, especially when it comes to assisting clients who may have faced rejection from other lenders.

At TruFinCo, we’re not just professionals who understand the challenges of business owners; we’re real people dedicated to building genuine friendships with our clients and partners. Mr. Bass founded TruFinCo because he’s passionate about helping others, and he’s wholeheartedly committed to creating lasting relationships with you! Feel confident and supported with Rick and the TruFinCo team by your side.

Corey Richard

Corey Richard, Finance Officer/Team Leader

Corey Richard is an experienced and highly motivated marketing, advertising, and sales professional with 10+ years of industry experience ranging from small tech startups to large public companies like Hubspot and Wayfair.

 His primary duties included creating strategic partnerships and helping establish a strong online brand presence for his companies and clients. 

Now at Trufinco, he is taking on the important role of assisting companies in accessing much-needed capital to fulfill their ambitions and reach their goals. In his free time, Corey enjoys exploring nature on hikes, traveling around the world, and attending live music shows – all while keeping tabs on the latest trends in his field.

Dusan "Duke" Blagojevic

Dusan "Duke" Blagojevic, Finance Officer

Dusan Blagojevic is an aspiring young professional with a diverse background in partnership

coordination, account executive work, and real estate acquisitions. His journey across business solutions, digital marketing, and real estate investing has equipped him with a diverse skill set.


From client-centric problem-solving, to collaborative communication and financial acumen, these insights form the foundation of his approach.


Now starting his journey at Trufinco, his mission is to leverage his diverse background to listen, understand, and ultimately provide clients a tailored approach that aligns with their distinct needs. This ensures a smoother path towards realizing their financial aspirations.

Beyond work, you’ll find him exploring record shops, in pool halls, or planning thrilling trips with friends. Fueled by curiosity and a passion for learning, he thrives on connecting with people and crafting meaningful experiences.

Minh Tran,
Finance Officer

Minh Tran, a seasoned professional in business sales and marketing who commenced his journey at a young age, forgoing traditional college education. Minh’s diverse experience equips him with excellent communication skills and the ability to foster relationships, aiding individuals in making sound decisions for both personal and business growth.


Now part of the Trufinco team, Minh’s mission is to connect with business owners and individuals seeking opportunities, providing them access to transformative funds. His goal extends beyond financial transactions; he aims to build strong connections, ensuring clients receive the resources necessary for their business development.


Outside of work, Minh is passionate about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, dedicated to daily improvement on the mat. A fitness enthusiast, he frequents the gym to maintain his physical well-being. As a sports aficionado, Minh passionately supports the Philadelphia Eagles, making weekends a celebration of football.


Minh is not just a professional; he’s a people person. Joining Trufinco has given him a platform to connect with business owners, realtors, and individuals, creating meaningful interactions and making a positive impact every day.

Tom Bound,
Finance Officer

Tom brings over 21 years of unwavering dedication and leadership from his distinguished military career to his role as Finance Officer for our pioneering business capital channel tailored for veterans. Transitioning from a decorated service in the United States Coast Guard, where he rose through the ranks from enlisted member to respected officer, Tom embodies the values of honor, respect, and devotion to duty. Throughout his military tenure, Tom ensured the safety and well-being of both civilians and fellow service members, demonstrating a high-energy approach and customer-centric ethos. Now, he channels his passion for supporting veterans into empowering them financially. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges veterans face, Tom is committed to providing tailored financial solutions that help them thrive in the civilian world. His transition to the finance sector marks a new chapter in his journey of making a positive impact, driven by a desire to continue serving his community. Beyond his professional endeavors, Tom finds solace and rejuvenation traveling the world with his wife, hiking, surfing, and volunteering. In every aspect of his life, he exemplifies the spirit of service and dedication that defines his character, leaving an indelible mark on all those he encounters. With TruFinCo genuinely wanting to make an impact on the veteran community, trust that Tom is here to provide the highest level of service possible and is committed to your success.

Manuel Compean

Manuel Compean, Processor and Bilingual Finance Officer

With a bachelor’s in International Trade and over 12 years of customer service experience, Manuel has been developing skills in different areas as a banker and a teacher. He is an easygoing, humble guy who loves to help people to accomplish their dreams by always giving the best advice and exceptional service with a positive attitude and patience. Customer satisfaction is his goal.


On the weekends, he is adventurous; he enjoys nature by doing different activities like going run the hills, playing basketball, and just exploring new places.

Angie Cortes

Angie Cortes, Social Media Coordinator

Hi, My name is Angie Cortes. I was born in México but was raised in Ohio. Some of my hobbies are baking desserts and spending as much time as I can with my family and my dog. I have been in customer service for over 7 years, and I understand our customers reach out to us to give them a solution. I go above and beyond to make sure our customers are more than satisfied. I’m a very friendly and reliable person who is also responsible and very professional. I look forward to assisting our clients in every way possible.

Vic Guiza, Bilingual Marketing & Brand Manager

Vic Guiza is a seasoned creative development designer, bringing over 38 years of expertise to diverse industries. His professional specialization as an illustrator has earned him acclaim on a
global scale with over 12+ awards and having served clients in 19 countries. With a prestigious Master of Product Arts degree from Disney Consumer Products, Vic has consistently
demonstrated an exceptional level of creativity and professionalism.

Throughout his illustrious career, Vic has had the privilege of working with renowned brands, including Disney, Marvel Comics/Upperdeck Cards, Ninja Turtles, and The Simpsons comics, among others. His creative contributions have left an indelible mark in these domains.

Now, Vic is embarking on an exciting new chapter in the financial world, joining with Trufinco to explore innovative avenues and penetrate new markets. His unique blend of creative prowess and industry experience promises to bring fresh perspectives and creative solutions to this dynamic partnership.

Bilingual Scheduling Coordinator

Meet Irving, a proud Mexican native with a background in Business Administration, rich in customer service and sales expertise. Irving has a genuine passion for transforming challenges into opportunities, using them to sharpen his analytical thinking and broaden his knowledge. With this unique mindset, Irving is adept at crafting innovative solutions for even the toughest problems.

Driven by ambition and a goal-oriented approach, Irving is dedicated to delivering personalized solutions for our valued clients at TruFinCo.

Claire Ona,
Content Editor

Claire Ona, born and raised in the Philippines is a new generation video editor specializing in Short Form Content. She started learning during the pandemic, all the way from the basics of editing to content creation and basically everything that it takes to produce attention-grabbing short form content. With her creativity and good execution, she’s able to deliver high quality short form videos that bring engagement,leads and clients. She’s also confident, friendly, professional and has the capacity to adapt to her clients’ needs.  

Sandra Dziatzko,
Content Creator

Our dynamic content creator targeting the Hispanic/Latino audience in the United States, is determined to make a positive impact on financial literacy and access to financial products for Hispanics in the United States.

Beyond her role, Sandra is a budding entrepreneur brimming with creativity. She finds joy in crafting captivating novels, immersing herself in cinema, and embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Currently pursuing a degree in Communication Sciences, Sandra harbors ambitious dreams of seeing her stories come to life on the big screen or television. But here’s the surprising part: Sandra possesses a unique ability—she can read with her eyes closed, thanks to an innovative methodology developed by Dr. Jacobo Grinberg.

Jonathan Cox

Jonathan Cox, Grant Writer

As a passionate and capable Grant Writing Consultant, Jonathan Cox will demystify the grant writing process and help you get back to what matters: realizing your organization’s mission and increasing your impact, empowered by grant funding. Consult with Jonathan to manage and write grant proposals for your organization, with access to the most cutting-edge fundraising technology at a competitive rate. Great Writing can feel overwhelming. It can be hard to identify funding opportunities, find funders that share your vision, and articulate it well to them. There are lots of moving parts throughout the lifecycle of a grant application, which can be daunting. Further, grant writing squeezes one of your most precious resources as an ambitious non-profit: time. The process can be long and distracting to your organization’s mission. 

Your dedicated employees work hard and wear many hats; look to a grant writing consultant to alleviate this excess stress and workload, so you can spend your time making an impact and finding purpose with newfound grant money. Jonathan is a self-starting and industrious college student who is eager to provide solutions for your non-profit or for-profit company. With nearly 5 years of grant writing experience, Jonathan has helped organizations win over $115,000 in funding to accelerate their big ideas. He is overseeing the design, financing, and construction of a $265,000+ cycling facility, largely financed through grants, and he is equipped to use his project management prowess to guide you through the process of applying for grants. This is rooted in his deep care of getting to know your organization so he can unambiguously express your organization’s values in a grant narrative.

Jonathan is well-trained in Motivational Interviewing: a tool for servant leadership that prioritizes active listening to understand an organization’s motivations and goals to best empower you. Jonathan is passionate about intimately understanding the hopes, dreams, operations, and mission of your organization that makes you feel seen and heard, not only in his services but also by grant funders who identify with your goals and want to invest in you.

Trish Brown

Trish Brown, Finance Officer

Trish Brown spent 30 years in the public relations business having raised $2.5 Billion in funds for one of her clients, a community college in Detroit.
Brown transitioned from PR to finance in 2018, when she spent three years for a finance company known as Beyorch. From there she started her own finance company and then was offered the opportunity to work with TruFinCo. She took the position because it’s a finance company that is unique in many ways, and because everyone who is hired to work there must truly care about the people and business owners who are attempting to obtain funding.
TruFinCo is an all inclusive lending firm establish and grow their businesses. Brown looks forward to her role as finance officer.
Fioralba Fazlli

Fioralba Fazlli, Social Media Marketing

After years of studying, training, and taking courses in Digital Marketing, I took the initiative to create my own agency that would be near the needs of businesses, especially start-ups, and would contribute to their growth. What motivates me and keeps me on the edge of my seat is the fast-changing and evolving world of Social Media where new things are added daily. I love helping people and seeing them succeed, your success is my success.


Shawn Moodie

Shawn Moodie, Business in a Box/Business Credit Builder

Shawn Moodie is the founder and president of Moodie Bluez Consulting, an MWBE-certified credit services practice focused on helping people repair, improve, or maximize their credit. Founded in 2013, Shawn and Moodie Bluez have helped hundreds of people maximize their credit scores and achieve their financial goals, including homeownership.

Mr. Moodie also founded CBM Business Solutions in 2018 to help entrepreneurs establish and build business credit as well as get access to funding. He is passionate about financial literacy and enjoys helping people who may have experienced life events, such as divorce, bankruptcy, medical emergency, or job loss.

Mr. Moodie’s long career with Bank of America as a senior leader and team manager gave him the perspective necessary to appreciate his clients’ needs and credit challenges. With an additional decade of experience with Kay-Bee Toys and national companies such as Mosaic Sales Solutions, he also developed the marketing and sales skills necessary to build his current practice. Mr. Moodie has also developed key strategic partnerships to ensure he can offer holistic solutions to his clients.

Mr. Moodie served on the Board of Directors of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of the Capital Region for five years and is currently a member of the Capital Region Chamber of Commerce and Capital Region Black Chamber of Commerce. A New York State native originally from Long Island, Mr. Moodie resides in Albany, NY, with his wife and son, Cristian Blake.

Ricky Chavez Residential Loan Broker

Ricky Chavez in 2023 was a top 10% Loan Officer in the entire USA and the majority of those were non-traditional loans which are investor & self employed friendly that don’t require taxes. He does traditional loans as well, yet his passion lies in working with investors and self employed being a wealth focused resource. 

He comes from a humble background as a 1st generation grad in his family born in a small town in NC. He understands the challenges individuals face in building wealth as he is taking part of the journey and helps clients in all milestones build wealth as well.


Kemp Nicholas Real Estate Specialist

Kemp Nicholas embarked on his professional journey as a CPA, dedicating over 25 years to assisting clients. 

Transitioning into the realm of real estate, he has utilized his financial expertise to cater to clients’ diverse investment needs. 

Over the years, Kemp has been actively involved in guiding clients through various aspects of real estate investing. Leveraging a broad network of private lenders, he has gained a reputation for being the go-to person to successfully close deals. 

Kemp’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer service is evident in his meticulous approach, ensuring clients receive regular updates on the progress of their loans.

Don’t want to wait for an appointment? You can apply using the link below – this will NOT affect your credit. We will reach out within 24-48 hours to review your funding offer.