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Unsecured Funding Plans! The best alternative for startups.

Unsecured Funding

Now you have a good business idea and have created a detailed business strategy that is hard to fail, and all that is left to do is to get started. But how?

Many people have sound, unique, and maybe innovative business ideas, but getting started is where they always step back, and this is because of funding.

During our experience in the market, we have realized that no matter how big or small a startup is, funding is always the most challenging part because startup owners usually look for loan options that are easy to qualify for and profitable.

This is where Unsecured Business Funding comes in help.

Unsecured Business Funding is one of the simplest and more low-cost ways to borrow for your business.

Whether you are planning on hiring more staff, applying new marketing strategies, or simply growing your business in every way, unsecured business funding is the best way to get a fast and affordable loan for all of the above.

This is a good alternative because you can borrow without giving security on any business assets, such as property, equipment, etc.

Here at TruFinCo, Our unsecured business funding option is one of our most popular loan options as it’s among the easiest to qualify for. This is the first step for many in obtaining and building business credit. This will help you get approved for even more loans and credit lines as your business credit are established.

For this option, we have some funding requirements you need to know, such as:

Stated Income – No income documentation is required to qualify. No bank statements or tax returns are needed.

Typical Results – This program is based on your credit profile, not your income, requiring only a few established accounts to meet our pre-qualification. The total revolving credit lines can range from $20,000 to $200,000.

Pre-Qualifying – The applicants’ lowest scores only need to be 680 or higher, or a credit partner (business partner, spouse, relative, etc.) can be used as a personal guarantor for funding.

Soft Credit Pull – We can get you a funding offer without a hard credit pull.

Credit Partner – Don’t have the 680 requirements yet? You don’t have to worry! You can bring in a credit partner, such as a business partner, spouse, relative, or friend, to personally guarantee the loan for a short time while you work on your credit.

Unsecured Funding Plans are the solution for many successful entrepreneurs, so if you are considering applying, we are here to guide you.

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