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How to Finance a Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investing

Despite the turbulence that inflation has caused in the economy, real estate continues to be a profitable investment.

Experts predict that the investments will continue to rise, and if you are considering investing in real estate shortly, we suggest you go for it.

Maybe, you have been wondering: Real estate is an investment that can pay me off, but how can I finance such an investment?

If you have decided to do so, there are several options, such as:

Financing your property with cash

Paying the total price for the property is one of the safest options because it removes any of the seller’s insecurities about financing that investment.

Cash often means convenience, and you can get even more significant discounts in exchange.

Also, paying cash saves buyers a lot of money in interest expenses that come with private, hard money, or conventional loans.

Finance your property with an individual private lender

These lenders operate outside of financial institutions. Private lenders are more flexible than traditional institutions. If they see you as a good investment, you can have a lot of benefits.

But there is something that makes investors step back when it comes to individual private lenders: they  tend to have higher interest rates than banks, especially if they take on credit risk that a bank was unwilling to take.

 Finance your property with hard-money loans.

This is a hard money loan because it relies on a hard asset. These loans can get approved in as little as seven days, which allows investors to move quickly on a property.

Borrowers can obtain the funds needed to purchase and repair a house with a bit of upfront cost, making it an excellent option for fix-and-flip investors.

Which one of these options is the right one for you?

Remember that two factors determine this choice: your unique financial situation and your ultimate goal for the property.

If you plan to buy and hold property, you now know that you can head to TruFinCo for professional help.

To see if our funding options match your goals, visit our website and contact us.

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