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Best Options for Small Business Funding

The best option for funding a small business depends upon a host of factors, starting with why you need the money, how quickly you need it and the strength of your financial history.

We run through the most common forms of small-business funding options to help you in your quest—and offer two good practices for identifying if a lender is right for you.

U.S. Small Business Administration

The SBA doesn’t directly lend to small-business owners; rather, it offers a federal guarantee—making it less risky for its approved lenders to write loans. Securing an SBA loan is generally easier than going directly to a bank or credit union, but eligibility standards still can be tough. SBA has set minimums for credit score, annual revenue and time in business. SBA-guaranteed loans range in size and can be used for most business purposes—including long-term fixed assets and operating capital—but some SBA programs do carry restrictions.

Traditional banks

Traditional banks generally offer the best terms and lowest interest rates, but these loans are hard to come by and nearly always reserved for established businesses with strong financials and high credit scores. Among the types of small-business financing: term loans, lines of credit, commercial real estate loans and business credit cards.

Credit unions

Credit unions, like banks, offer favorable rates and SBA-backed loans, but eligibility generally requires another hoop: membership. Credit unions offer a range of funding options, including lines of credit, term loans and business credit cards.

Online lenders

Business owners without established history and strong financials aren’t precluded from securing funding. In fact, as traditional banks made it more difficult to borrow, online lenders filled in the gaps. Online lenders generally approve loans and distribute funding more quickly than banks and credit unions, but the cost of borrowing can be higher. Online lenders offer several small-business funding options, including MCAs, lines of credit and invoice financing.

How to evaluate a lender

Lenders don’t just give you money and go away. The one you choose will be in your life for as long as your loan is. If you don’t have history with a lender or are searching for a new one, check out the following resources to ensure that the decision you make is a good one.

Why Choose TruFinCo for Your Small-Business Funding Needs

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